Dr. Deena Leonard, Dr. Dana Kolton, and Dr. Kathy Anderson specialize in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus.

Premier Eye Care & Surgery offers special care for infants, children and teens. They put both patient and parent at ease in a child-friendly environment. Both our Buffalo Grove and Barrington office are equipped with separate pediatric waiting rooms.

Drs. Leonard, Kolton, and Anderson are uniquely qualified to manage eye disorders in infants, teens and adults. They commonly treat muscle imbalance, blocked tear ducts, congenital cataracts and premature infant conditions. Our pediatric ophthalmologists also perform routine eye examinations and fit contact lenses on children and teens. Adults with eye muscle disorders can benefit from our doctors expertise as well.

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Serving Chicago Area and Northwest Suburbs for over 30 Successful Years
Buffalo Grove Office: 847-459-6060
Barrington Office: 847-382-4116